Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Minka Kelly sex tape: pictures suggest she's underage on video

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What would Lyla Garrity say about this? The horror! Minka Kelly reportedly stars in a sex tape being shopped around now, according to TMZ. The tape is 30.

Looks like Minka Kelly is the newest entrant to the sweepstakes titled; “I made a sex tape before I became globally famous too, did you jerk off to see it?' But of course this sex tape may present a complication. It was made when Minka was just shy of

Minka Kelly keeps it casual and comfy as she steps out for a workout on a sunny Saturday (July 21) in West Hollywood, Calif. The 32-year-old actress kept a low profile behind her aviator sunglasses as she headed to the gym.

Oh Minka! Ohohoh Minka!! It seems fallen angel and future Ms. Jackie Onassis Minka Kelly is the newest star erotically dazzling in an unreleased sexy-time tape! Sources who have reportedly watched 30 min vid say it features a much younger Minka with an


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