Thursday, 16 August 2012

$320 million Powerball numbers released

The Powerball jackpot has pushed passed the $300 million mark and that has people rushing to buy tickets for tonight's drawing.

Share Email Print. pball.jpg Staten Island Advance/Paul LiottaMichael Opulente and Ronnie Mershon of Midland Beach buy their Powerball tickets from Suraj Fernando at the All Night Long Deli in Midland Beach. Wednesday's drawing stands at $320 million.


The Powerball jackpot is up to an estimated $320 million for Wednesday night’s drawing. The cash option is $213 million.

The prize grew after no one matched all six numbers in the multi-state lottery

If you're going to play Powerball in Jacksonville, many say the place to buy a ticket is Welcome Food Store on San Jose Boulevard near Mandarin Road. The store is considered lucky and so is a manager at the store, Rose Meisenholder. She sold a million

What would you do with $320 million? Your dream home becomes a reality, you can buy that lavish car you've always wanted and now you can have that lakefront property and boat.


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